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We like making musicals. We also like the Internet. And that’s the story of how The Online Musical was born!

The Online Musical is a production company dedicated to creating interactive, funny, musical (and non-musical!) content on the web and beyond! We invite you, Internet Consumer X, to contribute at every level.

Our first project, “Musical: The Online Musical,” is considered by Playbill, Backstage, and The Washington Post to be the first-ever, interactive online musical. The 10-episode, two hour web series was shaped directly by the YouTube audience every step of the way. Each week viewers sent in character, song and plot ideas, which were integrated into every episode. You can learn more about “M:TOM” here or watch the show here.

From “Musical: The Online Musical” we moved on to the “The Mini Musicals,” where we transformed idea submissions of pop culture icons, historical moments, and the occasional metaphysical concept submitted by our YouTube audience into 5-10 minute musicals. Tasty, bite-size pieces of wonder.

Our mini musical and other fan-driven short projects include “Thomas Jefferson: The Musical”, “Pokemon: The Musical”, “Where’s Waldo?: The Musical”, “Rebecca Black: A Short Play in One Act”, and “Les Miserabstep”. Together they’ve accrued nearly 1.5 million views on YouTube! You can watch them all here.

Since then, we’ve moved our operation out of Charlottesville, Virginia and up to big ole New York City where we’ve gone on to create the viral short film “The Beanie Baby Hunger Games” (watch) and the film festival-featured musical short, “Gifted & Talented” (watch).

Stick around for more original work and keep your suggestions coming!