Terms and Conditions

Long story short, you give us royalty free license to use your response material.  It’s up to us to decide what we want to include or not include, and how we choose to include it in the Musical or any additional Musical material.

The inclusion or not of any feedback or videos in the Musical (“us”, “we”, or “our”) or Derivative Musical Materials is entirely dependent on our artistic vision and the artistic vision of the director of the Musical (the “Director”). Our decision and that of the Director is final (whether joint or otherwise).  As such, our artistic review will determine the responses, which will be selected for inclusion in the Musical, and we have no obligation to include your responses in the Musical or Derivative Musical Material.

By submitting feedback, you agree to these official Terms and Conditions (“the “Official Terms and Conditions”) in addition to the terms of service of the YouTube website set out at (the “Terms of Service”) and the Community Guidelines of the YouTube website set forth at (the “Code of Conduct”) (and references to the “Official Rules and Terms” shall include all of these terms, unless otherwise indicated).
By submitting responses, you are acknowledging that you are the sole author and owner of any video, audio, or written material.  You guarantee that no material infringes any copyright laws, that you have consent from any related parties to use people other than yourself and places that are not owned by you, and that you have no released licensing rights to any other outside party.

By uploading your videos or songs, or by submitting feedback, you irrevocably grant us worldwide non-exclusive, royalty free license to copy, reproduce, alter, edit, cut, or rearrange in anyway whatsoever your response material.  Additionally, you grant us the right to advertise, promote, distribute, and exploit the Musical including or not including your response material by any and all means known or devised in the future, and the right to include your responses in the Musical or Derivative Musical Material (“Derivative Film Material” includes trailers, teasers, advertising or promotional material, bonus materials, making-of-film documentary, or any other material connected with promoting the Musical).

In the event of a breach of these Terms and Conditions, your only remedy will be damages actually suffered by you, with no entitlement to enjoin or restrain the production.   To the fullest legal extent, we are not liable for losses of goodwill, reputation, or any economic losses arising in connection with these Terms and Conditions.

These official Terms and Conditions make up the entire agreement between you and us, and cancel all prior agreements between you and us relating to this subject matter.

Further information regarding the Musical is available on our website appearing at, but such information does not form part of these Official Terms and Conditions.