“Move over, Jennifer Lawrence. This adaptation is surprisingly true to Suzanne Collins’s novel.” -Mashable

“An epic recreation of the pop-culture phenomenon.” -The Huffington Post

“Katniss Ever-bean? Sounds about right.” -New York Magazine

Beanie Baby Hunger Games is just as good as the actual movie…the stuffed dolls build as much suspense as the original.” -Trendhunter

“Not only is this a clever, well-executed idea, we also think it’s a pretty solid use of all those old Beanie Babies.” -Flavorwire

“I don’t understand the inspiration behind this, Nickelodeon, but I love you for it.” -Paisley Beard Blog

“This Nickelodeon holiday song is trippy and kind of amazing” -Buzzfeed Community


“…told in a refreshing visual style…and delivers original musical numbers” -Merve Fejzula of the Montclair Film Festival


“Get this to Broadway… NOW!” -SMOSH on Pokemon: The Musical

“The best musical about Thomas Jefferson and the writing of the Declaration of Independence that will ever be made” -New York Times Best-Selling Author, John Green on Thomas Jefferson: The Musical

“…short, hilarious musical vignettes for the Web” -The Washington Post on Where’s Waldo: The Musical

“The video of the day” -MTV Geek on Pokemon: The Musical

“…finally gives us a reason to look for the guy” -The FW on Where’s Waldo: The Musical

“Jigglypuff couldn’t have done it better herself” -Dorkly on Pokemon: The Musical

“…[this] tuneful romp could become a dinner theater standard, if it isn’t already” -The WOW Report on Where’s Waldo: The Musical

“This video is hilarious, period.” on Pokemon: The Musical


“Looking for a new show to fall in love with this fall?” -Washington Post

“Far from your average musical” -Backstage

“With The Online Musical, the internet becomes a stage. Musical: The Online Musical is the first-ever interactive musical”

“…[an] innovative Web series” -Playbill (Dec 22, 2010)

“…innovative, interactive theatrical production conceived of and executed by a team of talented and creative U.Va. students” -UVA Today

“The world’s first-ever interactive musical has been unleashed on the masses via (what else?) YouTube and the Internet.” -Playbill (Oct 17, 2010)