MTOM Episode 2, “The Shift”

OK team MTOM, the second episode is up!

What’s the deal with this Lord Volcano character? What will happen next?!

Here are some great ideas that we used for this week’s episode, or just thought were awesome/hilarious. We didn’t include all the great ones we read…because we may be using them in a later episode and we don’t want to spoil it! Check out these awesome ideas!

From Kate Monaghan—“Mrs. Hinkelstein should have a series of migraines and develop “foreign accent syndrome” ( accent-syndrome.htm)and speak with a different cheesy accent and use that accent’s stereotypical catch-phrases every week. Terrific first episode!”

Well, Kate, the lovely actress playing Mrs. Hinkelstein couldn’t make it this week so we applied your idea to Henchman #2 who will continue to surprise you with his stereotypical accents and phrases!

We asked you — What happens to Henry?
Anonymous: He has been shunned by his community. His brother has stolen his girlfriends. Everyone thinks he’s crazy.

We think this is great– Danny is always stealing Henry’s ladies and NO ONE LIKES HENRY (except for Gwenny and his yet-to-be-met ginger friend). We expanded on this idea to have everyone demonstrate their shunning by doing ‘obnoxious over-the-top and inaccurate impressions of Henry after he is mocked by Sir Benjamin Frothy Bottoms in this episode!

pearlxang: villain is a must, but make him weird as helllll

Did you say villain with a foot fetish? That’s what we heard.

Other most requested villain qualities: weird red and black floral, never wears pants, acts well, semi-baldness.

You asked for it, we delivered…and some.

Read more of the posts we loved/influenced our second episode and the path of the show…

From divalovesgrapes: “before henry’s mom’s mix tape factory goes out of business, henry should sneak in and make one for rachel. and then when he leaves he forgets to lock the door. (henry’s just causing allll the problems here.) and then someone gets in and ruins the factory. yeah.”

From 21sparkles89: “@divalovesgrapes …I love your account name. Just saying. Grapes are the bomb.”

We love grapes too.

From jamiesbdayis: “yes henry should find a girl. maybe someone from the stage crew; the stage crew could just be creeping around and either nobody sees/realizes they’re there except henry cause he’s realized he’s not in a musical. the stage crew could be like ‘the others’”

For now we’ll take you up on the romance with Henry going for Heather, but we LOVE the stage crew idea… keep an eye out for a later episode where this could totally happen!

From goldendog412: “this is AMAZING! the singing and dancing and script and filming and everything really is fantastic…i’d love to see the town get divided into those who believe henry and those who side with some as-yet-unknown villain who wants to maintain the musical-ness of the town. also, matt sav needs to make an on- camera appearance.”

Interesting! We’re starting to divide up the town right away as you can see with Volcano’s employees, but once Henry starts to get some pull in the town and people actually believe him about the musical…shit will indeed get crazy

Casey Stein—soundtrack!
We’re working on getting onto iTunes!

ForayMRock: “That British dude needs his own song that’s like a total non sequitur and has nothing to do with anything else.”

Mike Castro—“ Henry goes to the town fair, where there is a booth claiming to contain “the world’s most impossible question”: Carmen Sandiego and Waldo have a kid; where is it? Thinking he is going to impress Heather, and the other townspeople who have never forgiven him for “killing” the mayor, he takes his chances at answering it. He gets it right, but everyone thinks he cheated, further contributing to his unpopularity. The villain sees this entire scene (on tivo, of course) and decides that Henry is too intelligent to have around and must be “disposed of”.

Anonymous Baxter— I think that that African American girl should definitely get a solo!!! and beatbox”
That ‘African American girl’ will have many solos, she’s an amazing singer!

dontstopbelievin99 – We need more background on henry and his family….Probably jsut more information on everyone.

21sparkles89 – I agree. We should get more background on the village/town characters and Henry too maybe?

More family time? More deets on the townspeople? Bam, you got it.

These were just a few of our favorites and there are lots of others we used that were suggested by many of you). As always, keep the suggestions coming! And tune in Tuesday at 9pm for Episode 3

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