MTOM Episode 3, “The Idea”

Yes, yes, yes! Episode 3 has arrived! Did you see it? Did you Sporcle it???

As always, we got great responses! Here are a few of the ideas we took, and some that made us giggle like little schoolgirls:

From ark9e “Henry doesn’t have a plan. He’s going to fly by the seat of his pants and save the day anyway.”

He seems to be doing a pretty good job of being clueless…will he triumph in the end?

From musicalqueen101This is made of awesome. I agree with all the comments from the last episode, every good musical has a love story. Just build the relationship slowly and it’ll be great! Oh, and puns. BAD puns.”

Thanks, musicalqueen101! We’re trying to bring in a pun per episode, and stay tuned to see what happens between Henry and Heather!

From kamczak89 “I’ve got a different request. Could you please spend more time on getting the sound right? I mean it’s not mastered and the transitions between playing (sound recorded live) and singing (songs recorded and synced) are awful. Add the background noise to the songs, make the sound wider”

We spent a lot of time in editing this week to get the sound quality better! Hope you like!

From MoonbeamDreamer “Lord Volcano’s costume is phenomenal: the combination of leisure suit and knee-length dress socks is nonpareil. I enjoy the gospel format of the production numbers thus far, but you could diversify with different musical forms: old Broadway, character developing solos, rock opera, etc.”

We’re glad you like the costume! And we tried to bring every style into this week’s episode

From cofsand8 “you should have the background slowly painted in… like all symbolic n shit”

Oh heyyy did you catch it?

From beaverlions “I think for Henry’s girlfriend should you should have Gwenny. When no one else believes him in the town she does. But while she pursues him for boyfriend, he pursues another girl. The other girl ends up being the daughter of the villian and she turns on him. Leaving Gwenny who everyone thinks is a screw up because they think she’s ugly and geeky to save the day.”

She’s like 12 dude.

And here are some of our favorites from our poll questions:

Lord Volcano claims that Henry’s only friends are the ‘hot little girl with the lisp’ (Gwenny) and some mysterious ‘goofy ass ginger child’ — how should we meet this mysterious goofy ass ginger child?

Through Facebook

In all black, he’s like the backstage techie of the town. but he doesn’t blend in well b/c he’s a ginger.

He comes across Gavin’s ghost trying to suck out the ginger child’s soul, only to find that gingers don’t have souls.

On a swingset…with pizza and vodka involved

That’s how we make all our friends!

This ginger child should come in with a goofy walk, or possibly through being mentioned (think how Ron Weasley comes in at the beginning of A Very Potter Musical!).

Love those guys! These ideas are epic! So epic in fact that the only way we could resolve all of them was to just have him walk in!

Should be riding a segway onto the stage.

Great idea! Want to see Segways in future episodes? Donate here!

Henry should return to his home and find him asleep in his bed wearing a meat dress.  Or something to that effect.

Another great idea! Want to see excessive amounts of meat in future episodes? Donate here!

How should Henry create jobs for the poor townspeople?

Henry could start a production company with the people he finds that know it’s a musical who would run the show and try to make their lives more dramatic while converting others into knowing the truth about their lives

Looks like Henry’s on the right path!

Draw another backdrop with a grocery store, hardware store and salon instead of blank buildings.

Would you like your business prominently displayed on the set? Donate here!

The only way to boost the economy in Henry’s town is by getting an audience.  He looks like he’s on the track so far.  Henry should try and get the town organized, run for mayor, and sing a fantabulous song.

Decker-(Dead) Jacobs 2014?

He should turn them into set/costume designers, makeup artists, and writers for a town Musical about the town

Good idea!

Until next time, befriend us! See you next Tuesday at 9pm!

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