MTOM Episode 4, “The Pitch”

Musical: The Online Musical Episode 4 is now up! Did you Sporcle it??

Here are some of your brilliant ideas we used, and some we thought were pretty funny:

We asked you all, What musical should the town put on?- Some great responses we got:
-Footloose (alternatively Footjuice): You win!
-Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of FOOT Street: Heather gave you some love! (although, did you consider ‘feet’ street?)
-Hot Feet
-Me and My Dick and A Very Potter Musical: Love those guys!

There were also lots of suggestions for Wicked and High School Musical…we don’t know whether Lord Volcano would go for the lack of feet in those though. But he’d definitely support their evilness.

From metallicakixtotalass “Haha I love the number of musicals referenced – plus the arrangement is really cool. Oh and the sound is much, much better. I can actually tell what the people are singing, plus the lip synching is better”

Thanks! We’re trying to get the sound better each time. If you have any editing tricks up your sleeve, feel free to send us suggestions.

From tisriss “Hey, heyyyyyyyy, what is this? There’s color in the set. THERE IS COLOR IN THE SET. Don’t think I didn’t notice.”

Oh mann

From rstdot “Also, I want to reiterate that the future episodes should be much shorter (like half the size). This way you have more time to edit and increase the video quality, and everybody’s not staying up filming til midnight during midterms trying to make a 15-minute epic each week.”

We’re definitely working to keep the episodes shorter- the past two have both been over 30% shorter than Episode 1! I can’t believe it’s not butter!

From elala “the camera and it’s angles really frustrate/puzzle me sometimes…is it on purpose that sometimes the characters are looking into the camera and sometimes it’s not//the characters are cut off from the screen?”

We’re trying to clean all of that up, send us any suggestions for camera work you have for future episodes.

From eeg2u “some of the lyrics are a little hard to make out on some of the songs – i know the lines in the song about musicals are probably funny, but i couldn’t figure out what they were saying half the time!”

We spent a lot of time on the sound editing this week, so we hope it was all clearer! The lyrics are always under the video on our Youtube page if you miss a line or two!

From drmakng53 “totally fantastic!!! thank you for making somthing really only true theatre people can understand. :-)”

Thank you!

We asked you, What idea did Danny propose to Lord Volcano?, some of the responses we got:
-opening a chain of fast food restaurants that offer pedicures
-open a shoe factory that caters to the foot fetishes of the world

What about combining these great ideas and making The Cheesecake Factory: Lord Volcano’s Personal Foot Fetish Whorehouse? LOVE IT!

From Randall Wilkerson “Ok, so seriously, you guys should have a token black guy, who knows he’s been hired for one episode”

We’re working on getting Taye Diggs! Or maybe it could be you!?

Keep the responses coming! And remember to subscribe to us! See you next Tuesday at 9pm

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