MTOM Episode 5: “The Call”

Yes! It’s here! Musical: The Online Musical episode 5 is now up and ready for your viewing pleasure. Did you play the Sporcle game?? Or weigh in on the poll questions?!

As always, we got fantastic responses from all of you for this episode! Here’s what we used to craft episode 5 and what gave us a laugh!

First for our favorites:
From scdelach “kill more people to make more ghosts!! GHOST TOWN!”
From Hopefulactor “More cowbell! MORE GHOSTS”

You ask for ghost town… we give you ghost town. End of story.

We asked “What made up song from a made up musical should the characters audition with?”
From Julia
“Song: Listen to the Groundhogs
Musical: Mistletoe in Spring
Genre: Love Song

Ear to the ground
Heart pounds that sound
Kiss me for the Groundhog is coming
Look at those tree stumps with all the Groundhogs
Singing, singing till all their whole is dug
Scrounging through the tunnels listening to their humming
I know I’m close cause I hear them coming
Kiss me Louie till their sounds come a running
I love my rodents with all their termites
But I can’t help saying;
Kiss me ’cause the groundhogs are coming
I hope you hear them coming saying I Love You.”

Brilliance (and such modern lyrics!)! Hope you enjoyed our interpretation!

From Louisa
“I wanna be where the people are,
I wanna see, wanna see ’em dancin’
Walkin around on those… what do you call them?
Oh right, FEET.”
– The Little Cheesecake Factory Worker

Perfect song for Lord Volcano!

From smalldude36 “Where is the “I am so alone” girl??! When is she appearing? I liked her….”

She’s baack!

We asked Who should play Randy “Dawg” Jackson?
There was an overwhelming call for lovable Gwenny to play the Dawg, and we delivered!”

From musiclover611 “whaaat? how could she hate footloose??? what a crime. maybe she doesn’t actually hate it? shes got personal stuff going on perhaps”

I know right?! Hope you enjoyed her change of tune!

From awsimowi “I think the “double-casted British guy” should change his accent for every episode. Also, he has a great singing voice! Ali is so much fun to watch! The third and fourth episodes are FANTASTIC! Great lyrics, great tunes, great story development! SOOOOOOOO looking forward to the next episode!”

Glad you like it! We think Henchman 2 should flex his pipes a bit more too! We’re working hard to bring you an accent a week!”

We asked “Which characters will actually sing well at auditions? Which will not?”, some of the responses we got included:
From Jake “Gwenny. She doesn’t sing with a lisp. It’s revealed that she can get rid of it when she plays another role. This leads to her not being herself, and she becomes a love interest for Henry.”

You win! We loved the potential drama. Obviously every good musical needs drama.

Some other great suggestions
-From Bee “I would love to see some A Very Potter Musical songs. Patricularly if Gwenny sings “Harry” (possibly retitled “Henry”?).”

Oh, good idea! We love those guys!”

-From Louisa “My Eyebrow is My Best Friend” from “Every Body: The Musical”

We love our eyebrows! They definitely deserve some credit.

-From Jenni “Unpopular” from Not-So Wicked
“La Vie Boho” from Mortgage

Clever, clever, clever

Remember to send us your ideas for Episode 6!

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