MTOM Episode 6: “The Quake”

Hey, hey you! Wake up, intermission’s over! That’s right, your newest dose of interactive musical is here.

As always, we loved all your suggestions. Here were some that we incorporated into this week’s episode, and some that just made us lol:

We asked you Who should play rebellious teenage sex symbol Arielle Moore?
It was close, but Heather pulled past by a close margin

What happens to the townspeople who don’t get hired?

“they will become hobos.” Amy Fisher
They’re definitely falling into some Urinetown-style poverty

“They will be eaten by Lord Volcano.” Ashley Romanias
Well that would end the musical early

What happens with all the relationship drama?

“Make a Henry-Heather-Danny-Gwenny love quadrangle. Henry thinks he’s in love with Heather who falls in love with Danny who thinks he’s in love with Gwenny who’s in love with Henry. Eventually, Henry realizes of his feelings for Gwenny.” Heather
Well we couldn’t rhyme quadrangle, but we could rhyme polygon!

“What is Henry’s goofy red-headed friend called? Does he have a name? Um, anyway he can go out with Gwenny and Henry can try to go out with Heather, but she is starting to seem a little high maintenance for Henry. I mean, why can’t he find a nice audience member to date. Then he wouldn’t have to deal with someone singing all the time.”Amanda
Interesting…physically breaking the fourth wall? And our lovable ginger is Gordon.

“Gwenny and Heather should get together. there aren’t enough good lezzy love scenes yet this season.” Brendan
Ohhh an interesting twist!

From Lunafan1209 “Looking forward to a Heather/Gwenny showdown =)”

You asked for it, and Heather delivered with some unexpected sass. What will Gwenny do next?

From Jr943 “I can’t wain till the next episode. I am so excited to see their cast list. :-)”

There were a couple twists, but we hope you liked it!

From 21sparkles89 “Love the dancers! :)”

Wonder if they’ll bring the same flair and pizazz to Stage Managing…except the poor one”

From mjcastro007 “Danny and Heather should get together and make Henry jealous.”

Definitely some tension brewing there, we’ll see what happens next

80s Workout! Watch out for them coming next episode!

Hope you enjoyed this episode! What will happen next? Will Heather actually fall for Danny? What’s Volcano up to?

See you next Tuesday at 9pm! Remember to comment and tell us what you want to happen next!

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