MTOM Episode 7: “The Eruption”

Did Footloose still go on?? Well now you know! Here’s Musical: The Online Musical Episode 7!!

As usual, you all had fantastic ideas- here are some we used and some we thought were extra funny!

From Musicalqueen101 “P.S. I liked the little bit of duet you had in this episode. I know they’re a bit more time consuming, but I do love them, and if possible I think a full one may be in order. :)”

How about we give you two mini-duets and a trio? Sound good?

From Musicalqueen101 (again!) “Also, I love the businessmen–classic comedy patter. Can they have a song? I think they need to have a song. 🙂 Ack! So many things to love about this episode.”

They are quite a pair- we weren’t able to give them a whole song, but they certainly had their hands all over the Footloose production!

From Stiffassbrit “Henchman 2 freaking rocks! That Groundhog song was so funny!”

We agree- Henchman 2 is a star. Definitely a good replacement for Gwenny.

From MsBeatles4ever “This is complete genius, I love it! I love the ghost of Mayor Jacobs! I like the idea of the homeless greek chorus…I’d also like to see the Cheesecake factory come up again.”

We’re glad you like it! Mayor Jacobs is definitely becoming a force in the town. We hoped you liked the anty-upping with the Cheesecake Factory- Why do Cheesecake Factory when you can do Sandles the foot-fetish resort??

We asked: How will the performance of Footloose go?

“extremely well, with Henry playing the Gwenny’s role” Anonymous

Henry had to direct, but we though Henchman 2 would fit the character too!

“First in response to the question above, Volcano is clueless that the “businessmen” stole some of the money, but Henry should know that they did because he told them multiple times to use it to get the rights. I think they did buy the rights, but took some of the money for themselves to buy things which arrive in big boxes at the theatre on opening night, causing mass chaos and everyone to panic!” Marie Plaine

Interesting idea, but it looks like their mess-up only made the show better!

“Will it go on? Did the business partners really get the rights and such or did they just tell Henry they did and pocket the money?” Stephanie

They definitely didn’t get the rights, but luckily it doesn’t look like it affected the performance very much!

“Henry is betrayed by Gwenny and is captured by Volcano. When she realizes what she has done Gwenny dresses up as the tomb raider and goes to save him. As they kiss, he remarks ‘see you actually did get to play the rebllious teenage sex symbol” Zach

We love this idea- Gwenny’s such a badass, she would totally do something like this!

Make sure to give us your suggestions for next week’s episode, and tune in Tuesday at 9pm!

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