MTOM Episode 8: “The Aftermath”

Musical:The Online Musical Episode is here and ready to be feasted upon by your eyes. Below are the responses from Episode 7 and here are the questions for Episode 8!

We featured some of our wonderful fans in this week’s episode! Were you in it?: divalovesgrapes, elliesvideos, ellabooray, musicalqueen101, Julie, katharinemckee, MoonbeamDreamer, bungbung13131, gumbymom, yoyogurl2926, StarKidAnna, and 21Sparkles89 were just some of our fans that we showed some lovin’ to

As always we got fantastic viewer responses on Episode 7, and these are the ones that helped us shape this episode…or were just hilarious.

We asked “How much control does Mayor Jacobs have over the town? Does he now recognize their life is a musical?”

From Marina Philips “Very little. He could probably use some ethereal buddies to help the town stop the internet, but he can only contact the town through the ways that ghosts normally do so: by freaking them the hell out. (Messages on mirrors, etc.) And he definitely knows their life is a musical. I feel like that should become a more major plot point…”

Interesting idea…Mayor Jacobs has been looking like he’s been itching to affect some change

From Brian Hanley “He totally knows! I think he’s just keepin it on the DL so he can influence them indirectly.”

I think you’re on to something here, Brian. Just keep watching…

From Allison “He just has the power of his voice, but no.”

Mm, abstract!

We asked “How are the townspeople going to fight the Internet?”

From Jake ‘The Snake’ Reynolds “Fight that shit like a man!”

You should see our women! Done and done! Enjoy the first 20 seconds of this episode!

From Kathy McManihan “They’ll try but they’ll fail and then they’ll learn to love it”

Oh Kathy, you know these townspeople too darn well!

From Zach “To fight you must join. So they start joining Facebook and proceed to put out ads for their version of Footloose which brings in revenue so they can develop everything new age”

Hey Zacharoo, we like where you’re going with the ‘if you can’t beat’em join’em’ approach– they totally are all up in that interwebs this episode! Maybe they’ll start social networking in the next two episodes as well! Even though Footloose is over, they may end up using the internet to advertise something else…

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