MTOM Episode 9: “The Ashes”

Welcome back MTOMers! Hope you had a nice turkey day! Stalk Jeff and Matt in their interview with Pumped for episode 9??? Well here it is! Nothing goes better with leftover cranberry sauce than some good old interactive musical theater, of course.

This episode we crafted primarily around one of the suggestions we got early in the season. Remember way back 2 months ago after episode 1 when we got this comment?:

Bungbung13131 Henry should find another guy who also knows its a musical, but he’s an old hermit who destroyed his town long ago then the old hermit dies right before he can tell henry how to save the town

We like to keep track of especially epic comments and suggestions we get to see if they can be put to use at some point during the season. Well we stored this great suggestion in our back pockets and found that it fit perfectly with the direction the musical was going for episode 9! Henry needed to find a wise man type character to help get him back on the path, and who better than a previously musically-shunned Hermit?? We were able to craft a really great song for the Hermit to pass on to Henry, use an epic outdoor stage, and our costumer Brendan Tufts got to make the most bad ass cloak ever! Overall, this was just too great of an idea to pass up- thanks Bungbung13131!

We also noticed that some of you had been calling for a bit more…black people…per se.

Pokerface540 You should have an african-american male guest star and sing something with the african-american woman.

SRizzle1 I agree with pokerface540 that you should have a random black guy do a guest appearance…..maybe Taye Diggs? or Morgan Freeman.

Uarcee2000 This is bananas! LOL, “aren’t you double cast as the angry British guy in the town?” Brilliant…you guys need a token black guy…lol

Well, we heard your call and while our good friend Morgan Freeman was a little busy this weekend and Whoopie was off being a star as usual, we were able to bring in University of Virginia alumni Tre Tennyson to play the role of the Hermit and advise Henry with his smooth vocal stylings. Hope you enjoyed!

Check out this sweet video of the Hermit and Cinnamon! What a pair!

Remember to keep submiting your ideas for the second part of our finale premiering next Tuesday, December 7!

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