MTOM Episode 10: “The Phoenix”

Ok loyal MTOMers, you’ve stuck it out with us for 3 months and here it is! MUSICAL: THE ONLINE MUSICAL FINALE! Through Youtube troubles, scheduling conflicts, exams and evil musical-hating villains, you’ve stayed true to the cause, and we can’t thank you enough.



For this final two-video episode, we wanted to include as many of your ideas as possible so we did some digging to get inspiration for all the loose ends we had to tie up. As always, you guys gave us some great ideas and here are a few lil’ tidbits of joy that we used to create this behemoth of a finale!

We asked How will Henry convince the townspeople that their life is a musical and how will Gwenny help?, and here’s what you gave us:

From Natalie Affinito “By isolating herself, Gwenny has in fact seen the outside world, away from the musical. She now realizes that her world is a set and people don’t actually break out into song and dance in real life, causing her to be very forlorn. Upon hearing the voices of the town and seeing the stage’s spotlights, everything clicks and she finally understands what Henry has been talking about this whole time. Immediately, she realizes she is playing a character, not herself, and her lisp disappears and she returns to the town to make them realize that their life is, in fact a musical, and how they can USE the internet to save themselves from ruin…by starting a Musical, an Online Musical. done and done. ”

Wow, done and done is right. Thanks for writing the episode for us.

From Jenni “she has been pondering the meaning of life and wondering at the truth behind henry’s words. she will aid henry’s mission by making a video tape of the townspeople singing at times so they will realize they are singing, and are in fact in a musical.”

Gwenry intervention!

From Julia “She has been locked up behind the locking rail (backstage) by Volcano. When Volcano did this she realizes that Henry has been right the whole time, she know what to do now. The scene with the light coming upon her was a foreshadowing of what happens when Gwenny gets found by Henry. Gweny hugs him and then tells him she realizes and the two come up with their way to help the town.”

SO METAPHORICAL! We loved the idea of Gwenny seeing backstage. And of course Gwenny would never actually leave Henry hanging!

From Cosimopaco “I don’t know if you already had something in mind for what the light symbolizes, but I think that she has just realized that her life is a musical. Maybe I’m going to far with this idea, but I think she went backstage, too, and didn’t plan on going back to the town. However, upon meeting Henry there, they have a little dramatic fight/make-up scene, and Henry informs her what has happened. They will then make a plan and head back to the town to set this plan into action. I hope that I’ve been of some help!”

Too far?? Never.

From Allison “she’s been searching for the music. the one song that would save the town. hmm. that’s kinda cheesy.”

Nothing is cheesy when it comes from a tall Hermit in a badass Little Red Riding Hood cloak

From Josh “The only way for Henry to save Volcano is to find Gwenny, because the people of the town will still listen to Gwenny. Gwenny gets the townspeople to realize”

Henry definitely couldn’t have done it without Gwenny- she came to save him just in the nick of time!

We asked How should the love end?, and here’s what you gave us:

From Julia “Gwenny and Henry (This really grew on on me), Heather and Danny (Did I hear trophy wife?), Henchman #2 and a really cute girl (Henchman #2 is, and always will be, my favorite character and I feel he deserves some love (-:), Gordan and someone of your choice, Audition person #31 and Audition person #358 (random but they sounded great together in episode 5)”

You’re such a star, Julia. We loved this breakdown- hope you liked the Henchmen/Twins combo!

From dcc9g “Henry needs to fall in love with Gweny. I understand how cliche that might be. But Gweny is… lets be honest… the star! She is the MB aka the best!”

We always knew that in the end Henry would come to his senses!

From Musicalqueen101 “every good musical has a love story. Just build the relationship slowly and it’ll be great! And keep up the good work! 😀 Oh, and puns. BAD puns. Lol. J/K. It’s your show. :)”

Oh, Musicalqueen101 you never fail to disappoint us! We knew we had to tie up all this messy love business you guys created, and what better way than Deather and Gwenry? And of course the beloved Punisher came through in the final hour.

Ultimately 91.6% of you demanded Gwenry when we polled you on the questionaires!

More interactivity after the jump–

From rsdot “More of the African-American diva (show her face when she belts those big notes!)”

From Catherine Southall I think that the African-American girl should definitely get a solo!

We realized we may have shortchanged the fabulous Cinnamon in Episode 1, but fear not, she’s back! Who else could inspire the town with such a lovely voice??

From Pearlxang “elaborate dance number is totally called for!”

From TheaterObsessive “We need some DANCE FIGHTING”

You guys have been calling for some epic dance battling since Episode 1- how else would the townspeoples fight Volcano?

Well there it is, folks. You all have written the first-ever interactive online musical. BAM.

But in all seriousness, thank you. We really couldn’t have done it without you (literally), and you helped us create something truly unique and pretty damn good, if we do say so ourselves. Make sure you keep checking back- you never know what crazy stuff we’ll be up to next!

The cast, crew, production staff, and everyone involved with Musical: The Online Musical

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