Rebecca Black=Reactionary Play Gold

Hey all you TOMers out there! Recently a cultural bomb exploded on the Internet. Yes, we’re talking about one of the biggest memes in all of memedom–Rebecca Black’s hit song “Friday”.

Of course we couldn’t just sit back and watch this wonderful cultural opportunity pass by, thus was born “Friday” A Short Play in One Act Based on Rebecca Black. Written by Jeff Luppino-Esposito, with music by Matt Saverese, and performed by the Charlottesville Community Players, this reactionary play hopes to reconcile the true story behind Rebecca’s rise to fame and her apparent distrust in the logical system of days. The work was featured as “Short Play of the Day” on The Daily What and has been loved on by many a YouTuber.

What are you waiting for?? Everyone needs more RB in their lives!

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One Response to Rebecca Black=Reactionary Play Gold

  1. Ella B says:

    I love this.
    It is such a cool idea to make theatre in response to something
    Keep it up 🙂

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