Pokemon: The Musical

Yes, that’s right! We’ve created another bite-size piece of pop culture for your consumption! What topic did we choose to turn into 4 minutes of musical theater glory, you ask? We at the Online Musical took a journey into our collective toy box and chose to feature a cultural icon that stripped American children of hours of outdoor playtime and forced parents to sit through 4 hours of terrible cinema. Yes, that’s right. We present to you POKEMON: THE MUSICAL!

Along with sushi, undeniably one of the greatest cultural staples to arise out of Japan and into the open arms of American consumer culture has been Pokemon. In Pokemon: The Musical, we give you the real story of young Ash Ketchum and his posse and they set out into the world at the tender age of 10 to battle pokemon, Team Rocket, and puberty…all in 4 minutes and set to music.

Want to live this epic journey over and over again? Get the original cast recording of Pokemon: The Musical on iTunes!

Keep checking back for more news on our newest projects!

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2 Responses to Pokemon: The Musical

  1. Yann says:

    hahaha this is excellent! Really nice job!

  2. Mike Webb says:

    I just discovered the Online Musical. Loved every second of POKEMON: THE MUSICAL!
    I have not heard the rest of your work yet. I just had to respond and tell you how much I loved this concept! (yes I know too many exclamation marks)

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