Where’s Waldo?: The Musical

Hello interwebz explorers! That’s right, all of us at The Online Musical have created another tasty internet treat–the most enduring mystery known to man has been solved: WHERE’S WALDO?: THE MUSICAL.

As you know, we here at TOM are constantly striving to answer life’s greatest questions. Since the dawn of time, millions of children have struggled to find the illusive Waldo. But we’ve found the answer. The Online Musical is proud to present the true tale of Waldo. First there’s Wenda—- ex-lover, looking for her baby-daddy…is Waldo the one? Next up, Odlaw—- a spiteful half-brother, looking to himself…does Waldo have the answer? Then there’s Wizard Whitebeard—- he was left behind when the student overcame the teacher…can Waldo stay hidden? Lastly there’s the 1920’s reporter…he just wants the scoop. But why all the secrets? Is Waldo hiding from us, or hiding from himself?

Want to live this epic journey over and over again? Get the original cast recording of Where’s Waldo?: The Musical

Keep your eyes to the skies and ears to the ground for news of our next projects– Coming your way soon!

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