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Watch HALL STARS on!

Hey friends! We’re incredibly proud to announce the debut of our pilot short for Nickelodeon, “Hall Stars“!!! This first-of-its-kind kids’ mockumentary (in the style of ‘Parks and Rec’ or ‘The Office’) follows the always-absurd happenings of a ragtag crew of middle school … Continue reading

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Table for Two: All Episodes Available Now

Hi TOM-ers! We’re very pleased to announce the release of our latest webseries, Table for Two! We’ve decided to go Netflix-style on this one and post up all seven episodes at once on YouTube, so be sure to set aside … Continue reading

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Gifted & Talented: A New Musical Film

Yes! We’re back! After many months of anticipation we’re here and proud to present our newest project: Gifted & Talented: A New Musical Film! You’re cordially invited to spend your summer at the Center for Talented Children, a camp for (you … Continue reading

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A Fun in the Sun Update

Howdy TOMers! Having a wonderfully slushie-filled summer? Catching some rays at the beach? Well here at The Online Musical the summer heat has gotten the creative juices flowing and we’ve been hard at work on our newest project–the short musical … Continue reading

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The Beanie Baby Hunger Games Gets Some Press Lovin’

The internet has an apparent love for violence inflicted on adorable stuffed animals because we’ve been getting some crazy press lately! Check it out: “Katniss Ever-bean? Sounds about right.” –Vulture “…an epic recreation of the pop-culture phenomenon” –The Huffington Post “…a … Continue reading

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The Beanie Baby Hunger Games

Hello everyone out there in cyberland! In the event that you’ve been living under a rock, let us inform you that there is a new craze sweeping the world. A hungry, adolescent craze. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about Suzanne … Continue reading

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Empty Chairs and Empty Tables (Dubstep Remix)- Les Miserabstep Week

Need more raging and bass in your life? Well fear not, The Online Musical is here to help! Presenting the third and final part in our epic beyond measure Les Miserabstep week: Ryan Campbell’s dubstep remix of Empty Chairs and … Continue reading

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